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Whether it might be that annyoying program you just can’t work out, or your gadget doesn’t seem to be syncing correctly we’re the ones for the job

Problems with an Apple device?

Don’t stress, we specialise in a broad range of Apple products incuding iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Macbooks and many more. Not feeling confident with your new iPhone or Macbook? We can help with that too with our individualised training to get you ontop of any challenges in no time

Printers and Faxes

Sick of headaches getting your printer or fax machine working the way you need it? Let us configure it right the first time so that it just works when you need it to

Printer Issues?

Look no further, we can configure your printer or fax machine to work the way you want it. We can even create automatic Fax to PDF so your faxes are availble on your computer when you need them. This way we can help your home or office save paper from printing every fax as it comes in

Home and Business Networking

We’ll setup and install your new router, modem, switch, media server or any other network device and get it connected with your home or business

Sick of a slow unreliable network?

We know that a reliable network is vital to your productivity whether at home or in your office. We can troubleshoot the cause and bring your home or business network up to speed. Maybe its range your after? No problem, we can implement access points so your network is accessible where it is required


No delays, just professional service

Our team attends to your home or business promptly

Custom Built Computers

Wouldn’t it be nice having a computer built around your needs? We pick and match components so you can experience superior performance over pre built machines

Looking for a custom solution?

At Byte Solutions we can tailor build a computer or server to suit you or your businesses needs, wants and most importantly budget. Buying prebuilt machines from Dell or Acer, your hard earned money is really only going towards paying for the name and nothing else. Let us provide you or your business with great value today

Email Configuration

Want your emails syncing on all your devices? Let us make sure you never miss an email no matter what gadget your using. We can also configure calendars, email clients and much more

Email troubles?

Let them be a thing of the past, we can sort out those annoying email issues so you can go on with your task efficiently and effectively. Did you know we can also help setup email and internet accounts on your mobile gadgets? Its time technology worked with you not against you

Cyber Security

We’ll check your system for viruses and spyware and remove any lurking around in your computer

Take a stand against online criminals

Why wait for ransomeware or viruses to disrupt your home or business. We can implement full security coverage that protects you while browsing, banking, shopping and everything else inbetween. Let us take proactive measures to prevent viruses and other nasties from infecting your computer

Looking for flexible after hours service?

No problem, we can cater to your busy schedule

Gadget Setup

Have you bought a new gadget recently but wish you knew how to use it and its functions? Let us remove the guesswork from of using your new device while making the most of all it’s functions

Phone transfer

Do you want all your contacts and settings transfered to your new phone? We can do that and more. Let us transfer all your information from your old phone so that nothing is missing

Computer Migration

Let us take the hassle out of moving your computers and devices with your home or business. Our experts can simplify the migration process and get you reconnected promptly

Old to new migration

Did your home or business buy new laptops or computers? We can migrate all your precious documents and programs so your new device is ready when you are. Prone to viruses and other nasties? We can create deployment images for future reinstallations 

Medical Software

Don’t let Medical Director give your practice headaches, our technicians can take care of everything from integrating blood test results to setting up multiple print profiles

Is your business in Google?

At Byte Solutions we can get your business found in search engines and integrated in products such as Google Maps. Don’t let your clients guess your address or operating hours, let us modernise your business today

Want to unlock the most from technology?

At Byte Solutions we don’t just repair, we educate and inform so you can better use and maintain your computer when we aren’t around to save the day. We can help you with basic computer skills, Microsoft Office suite, such as Excel, Word and Powerpoint aswell as many other common programs.

We are passionate about anything technology, we can teach small groups on specific skills set by you, so yourself or teams of your colleagues can receive the best know how. Our geeks can also teach in home or office, whichever is most convenient for you. We can also provide one-on-one tuition for the very beginners to build their confidence and get them connected, surfing the web and sending emails. We can provide training on basic computer skills, internet tasks, such as browsing and sending emails, it is never too late!

Who can benefit from our technology training?

The team at Byte Solutions aspires to educate and involve as many individuals and business alike as possible. We offer a broad range of courses, training days and workshops alike throughout the year to suit both your needs and ability level. Don’t feel like its too late to learn and solve your technology annoyances, ask us about how we can help you.

Do you offer group training?

Yes we do! Ask our friendly team how we can support your business or individual needs. At Byte Solutions we create the perfect learning environment for you to advance your technology know how in addition to your confidence. We offer a broad range courses to suit every ability level, from the very basics to the advanced user, nobody will be left out.

Do you offer off-site training and support?

We certainly do! Byte Solutions knows how busy your schedule can be so thats why we offer after hours training and support. Let our team assist you with gaining confidence and knowledge to ensure your making the most from technology.

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