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Technology Training

Gaining confidence and turning you into an expert

Windows and Mac

Feeling like you just can’t master your computer? We’re here to help, so you can use your computer to its full potential


Microsoft Office

Unsure of how to use Microsoft Office? We can walk you through and iron out any difficulties so you gain confidence and knowledge

Gadget Training

Technology giving you trouble? Let us explain how you can regain control over your many gadgets

iPhone and Android

Not sure how to use your new phone? Let us take the guesswork out of setting up your phone


Technology separating loved ones?

We can keep you up to speed with technology’s advancing pace

Feeling like you could do with some extra confidence?

  • Want to know how to use more functions of Windows or Mac
  • Unfamiliar with the latest Microsoft Office
  • Confused with all your gadgets and what they do
  • Uncomfortable with using your mobile phone
  • Overwhelmed
  • Out of touch with loved ones

Do any of these sound familiar? Let us engage you in our personalised training program and create an inner expert

Personalised Lessons

Wishing technology slowed down? At Byte Solutions, we believe in patience as technology can be confusing, there’s no putting you under the pump. No individual is the same, why should tutorials be?  We focus our lessons on your needs and wants and don’t speak any techincal jargon to keep you in the loop

  • Individualised pace
  • Knowledgeable and professional
  • Simple instructions without the jargon
  • We come to you, no need to drive anywhere

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It’s never too late to get on top of technology