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Home and Business Networking

Wired and Wireless Networking Solutions

Wireless Accesspoints

Sick of your wireless signal not reaching far enough? Let us expand your network so you can work where you need to wirelessly

Automated Backups

We can create automatic backups so that you can be confident your data is safe and sound when the unexpected happens

Network Shares

Want your files to be accessible throughout your network? We can make file transfers simple so you won’t need your USB anymore


Have you recently moved your home or office? Let us reconfigure your network so it functions better than it used to

Network Troubleshooting

Sick of getting frustrated with your unreliable network? We know a reliable network is vital to any home or business, let us ensure its done right the first time

Not all networks are created equal

Do you notice any of these symptoms on your home or business network?

  • Slow and unreliable file transfer
  • Limited wireless network range
  • No internet access
  • Not enough ethernet ports

Networks are vital in todays connected world, so when they don’t run as they should they can stop you from your ability to work or conduct business. Don’t put up with a slow unreliable connection, let us reduce your downtime and put your home or business back on track

Why are networks important

Networks consist of two or more computers interconnected to transfer and share information. Networks are at the heart of many homes and businesses, however when they don’t work as expected they can leave you with one big headache. Here are some tips to keeping you safe and connected

  • Use a strong, long mixed character WiFi password
  • Change the default router username and password
  • Keep routers and network servers up to date
  • Disable remote administration

Unsure of what any of that means? We know technology can be daugnting, let us take the guesswork out of establishing a fast and secure network

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