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Built to order Computers

Tailored to your needs and budget


Don’t pay for a brand and all their middlemen, let us create a powerful yet affordable solution tailored to your home or business requirements


Your needs

We understand that every home and business is different, we can accomodate and create a solution that is tailored specifically to your specifications


Your new computer should be an upgrade not a downgrade. We use faster components than the big brands for a similar if not better price creating exceptional value


Let your computer adapt to your changing home or business, all our solutions can be easily upgraded as technology develops

Was your computer once fast?

Our team can troubleshoot your slow computer and give it a second chance at life

Is your old computer feeling sluggish?

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

  • Your computer struggles multitasking applications
  • Software you require doesn’t run smoothly or at all
  • You can’t update to the latest operating system
  • Your computer is noisy and runs hot
  • You spend more time fixing it than using it
  • You never have enough space

Maybe its time for an upgrade? We specalise in building machines that not only meet, but exceed your expectations

Why choose a built to order machine?

At Byte Solutions, we believe that service should be centered around you. Thats why we customise a solution to meet your needs, not the agenda of multinational corporations such as Dell or Acer. Unlike prebuilt computers from the big guys, we can pick and match compnenets that you need, saving you money on the ones that aren’t required. Whether you require a 10Gbe network card or a professional Quadro video card, we have the solution to give you the edge in your home or business.

  • Superior performance over prebuilt machines
  • Quality, long lasting components
  • Free of annoying bloatware
  • Exceptionally cool and quiet

Is your current computer the opposite of these? Let us create a solution which will not only satisfy your needs but keep you productive for years to come

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Let us save you the frustration with dealing with ransomware viruses