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One step ahead of online criminals


Don’t wait for criminals to infect your computer. We can secure your home or business gadgets today and keep you online


We can help prevent your home or business from costly ransomware by implementing Bitdefender’s latest technology


Let us safeguard your computers and network from mysterious spyware

Parental Controls

We can create boundaries so your children don’t see the wrong side of the internet

Virus and Spyware Removal

Sometimes despite the best preventative measures, even a fortress can be compromised. We can clean your computer or gadget from the internet’s nasties so its running like new

Am I infected?

Do you notice some of these symptoms on your computer or gadgets?

  • Your computer crashes often and isn’t as responsive as it once used to be
  • Software you didn’t install suddenly appears
  • Your computer takes significantly longer than normal to startup
  • Emails you never recall sending are sent to all your contacts
  • Popups and toolbars appear on your web browsers

Viruses and malware tend to propagate and can even infect other computers over your network, if these symptoms sound familar then the sooner you contact us the less damage they can cause


Read about more symptoms from Bitdefender




At Byte Solutions, we believe that prevention is the best policy. Thats why we belive all computers should have a dependable antivirus installed to protect against all the latest threats. In addition, due to the significant increase of ransomware, we strongly reccomend implementing full system wide backups.

  • Using a reputable antivirus, we recommend Bitdefender Total Security
  • Automated backups stored on a seperate secure machine
  • Keep computers up to date with all the latest security patches
  • Never open emails from unknown senders

Does this sound confusing or do you need a helping hand to stay ahead of crooks? We’re here to help, contact us and we can give you the peace of mind of having a safe and secure workspace 

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