Comprehensive IT Support

You can trust our team to be there for you and your business

Personalised Training

We can develop and support your business with the training that it requires

Flexible Training Programs

We provide both on and off site training to suit both you and your employees needs

How can we support you?


IT Training

We provide training courses to support your business and increase productivity

Gadget Setup

Our team can support and maintain your businesses newly acquired tech goodies

Upgrade Support

No more blind upgrades, we can guide you through new software and operating system updates

Phone Support

We provide phone remote assistance support to guide you through a technical problem


What type of training do you offer?

At Byte Solutions we offer a comprehensive range of training options to suit your businesses needs and requirements. Our team offers support both on site, off site and over the phone if required. With our flexible operating hours we can provide support around your business hours and can even organise training on weekends and public holidays.

We can support your business with:

  • Microsoft Office training
  • Windows and MacOS operating system support
  • Most Windows and MacOS applications
What hours do you offer phone support?

We strive to provide comprehensive phone support to our customers from 8am – 10pm, hours outside of these usually will be resolved within the following day.

Do you offer group training?

Yes we do! Ask our friendly team how we can support your business or individual needs. At Byte Solutions we create the perfect learning environment for you to advance your technology know how in addition to your confidence. We offer a broad range courses to suit every ability level, from the very basics to the advanced user, nobody will be left out.

What devices do you support?

Our team supports nearly all consumer and business devices. We support printers, fax machines, network attached storage drives, routers, switches, laptops, desktops, monitors, mobile phones, tablets and many more. You can trust Byte Solutions to support your business and minimise your downtime


Percent of requests solved within the day

Why choose us?


We adapt to your size

No business is the same or has the same requirements, we grow with you

Increase Productivity

Don’t waste your precious time getting lost with IT, let our experts support your business

Future view

Our team can equip and support your business while it grows and expands

Reliable support

We can fit around your busy schedule to support your business

Upgrading your business applications?

We understand how frustrating new updates can be. Byte Solutions can guide you through new operating system updates or application updates to ensure that no time is wasted time guessing or getting frustrated. No more avoiding upgrades, our team supports you throughout the update process to make the transition as smooth as possible

Application training

Byte Solutions can assist you and your employees develop a comprehensive understanding of most popular programs. We accommodate all learning styles to ensure your getting the most out of your electronic devices. Our team delivers the highest quality training to help you achieve your goals.


Issues resolved remotely


Same day callouts


Satisfation guarantee

Current promotions

Proudly Melbourne Based

Don’t put up with help being days away, we understand when your experiencing computer or technology troubles you want them solved fast. At Byte Solutions we operate from the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and can fit in your urgent appointment no matter the day or hour, so downtime is history

We specialise in Medical Software

Is Medical Director giving your business headaches? We can promptly find out why and bring your medical practice back on track. Are your having issues with pathology reports not automatically syncing or your printer isn’t printing patient scripts correctly? Let our professional service increase your productivity and bring your business back on track

Don't Be Shy

Drop us a line anytime, and one of our Byte Solution customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible