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Printers and Faxes

Let’s get your home or business connected

Printer Configuration

Let us spare you the frustration with connecting your new printer to your existing home or business so it works the first time


Fax Setup

We can configure your fax machine and even setup automatic Fax to PDF so you can access your faxes remotely


Printer or fax machine giving you nothing but headaches? Let us take the guesswork out of getting your device working

Wireless Printing

Sick of printing from one computer? Let us setup wireless printing so you can print from anywhere in your home or office

Printing non-stop?

We know ink can be costly expense, thankfully continuous ink systems come to the rescue. Unlike tradtitional Ink cartridges, continuous ink systems have a gigantic resivour that lasts up to 10,000 pages

Printers and Fax Machines

Do you still have your printer or fax machine connected to the one computer? These are just some of the services we can configure for you by connecting your printer or fax machine to your network

  • We can setup Fax to PDF so you can access your faxes effortlessly when you need them, throughout your home or business network
  • We can configure Scan to PDF allowing your scanned documents to be accessible on your network
  • Remote printing so you can print your documents when your away from your home or business
  • Wireless printing so you can print your documents when your away from your home or office

Let us help increase your productivity and simplify your home or business with effortless printing and faxing that just works wherever you are

What's the benefit of networked office equipment?

Have you ever though about how much paper a fax machine wastes? By setting up Fax to PDF you can selectively print the faxes you require and disgard the daily piles of spam that come with it, this way your home or business can save on paper and expensive ink.

Does your printer serve multiple employees or family members? Don’t put up with the timely exercise of printing from one specified computer. Wireless printing eliminates the cables, allowing you to print throughout your home or office and even remotely when your away

At Elco Technologies we can help save your home or business time and money, contact us today to find out what we can do for you

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