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iPhone and Android

Purchased a new phone? Why waste time guessing, we can get your gadget connected and syncing with your computers

Backup and Restore

Experienced losing all your contacts on your phone? Let us take proactive measures to make sure your important data is safe

Phone Transfer

Sick of all your memories being stuck on your phone? We can help free them so you can print them or share them with friends

Device Training

We’ll help you get the most out of all the new features on your phone and help you use them in your day to day life


Are you feeling disconnected?

Don’t let technology’s fast pace scare you away. We can help you stay in sync with technology and in touch with loved ones

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Do you experience any of these annoyances?

  • Your photos and media seem stuck on your phone
  • You want to export your contacts or calendars from your phone
  • Increasing the ring time before a call goes to voicemail
  • You want to backup or transfer your messages or applications
  • You have to always connect cables to sync your data

At Byte Solutions, we can help remove these annoying barriers and ensure that your getting the most out of your devices. Have you reasearched a new feature or found one out from your family or friends but just can’t work it out? Don’t let frustrations get the better of you, let us show you how today

Are you sick of your devices being separated?

Often if you have multiple devices you might wish there was a way to transfer files and documents easily between them. If all the gadgets are Apple products them we suggest using AirDrop, as it allows quick and easy transfer without the hassle of connecting cables.

However, if you have a mix and match of devices from different brands we recommend the Instashare Application. This way you can easily transfer files such as PDF documents, photos and more easily without the timely process of  always connecting your smartphone or device to your computer.

Don’t let cables delay your daily life, we can help you setup and create a truly wireless workspace without the need to rely on cables.

Lost your data on your phone or tablet?

Let our experts recover what they can and get you connected with the world again

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