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Email Configuration

Don’t miss another message, let our team make sure your emails are accessible from all your devices

iOS and Android

Let us get your emails synced on all your devices, so you can focus on running your business from wherever you are


Out of Office Reply

Going on a vacation? Don’t let your business disrupt your holiday, we can let your clients know that your away

Business Email

We can create a business email account such as name @ company so you can make a professional impression to your clients


Email Setup

Getting confused from setting up custom email settings? We can simplify the process so you can send and recieve your emails correctly the first time

Want your emails redirected?

We understand having multiple email accounts can be a handful. Let us simplify the process by having your emails redirect to just one account

We also offer more

  • We can reduce and filter spam emails
  • We can protect you against viruses and malware attached in emails
  • We can migrate your home or business to a secure email client
  • Email troubleshooting to find out why your emails aren’t coming through
  • Personalisation of your email account or client

At Byte Solutions, we can tailor an email solution to your requirements. Do you want to increase your productivity and integrate with GSuite from Google?  We can integrate your email with GSuite to not only receive email services, but also calendar, storage and collaboration tools to increase your team’s productivity and break down communication barriers.

Let us take care of all your communication needs

Emails are one of the most popular communication methods between professionals and clients alike. We can help your business stay on top of technology and adapt to developing threats before they become an issue. Unfortunately due to the popularity of communicating by email, cyber criminals have increased their online presence. At Byte Solutions, our cyber security experts can take proactive measures to protect your home or business against the latest in emerging threats. We can fight back by protect your computers and devices with firewall services, secure email clients and configuring a comprehensive antivirus to stay ahead of online criminals.

Talk to our experts today on how you can protect your home or business against technologies emerging threats

Scared of online criminals?

Let our experts take proactive measures to separate online crooks from your devices

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We can help solve your communication frustrations