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Medical Practice Solutions

Our team can manage your practice IT needs enabling you to focus on your patients

Medical Software

We support your Medical Practice to ensure everything is updated and running smoothly

Printers and Faxes

Our team can configure your printers and faxes to work with your medical applications


Automatic Backups

Protect your important data and ensure it is kept safe with both onsite and offsite backups


Priority Support

We can arrange priority support to ensure your practice is running smoothly all the time

Are your practice computers secure?

Our team can ensure patient data is kept encrypted and in safe hands

Remote Connection Services

Byte Solutions can configure a Virtual Private Network VPN to enable you to connect to your practice no matter where you are in the world. With a VPN you can access your files and continue working from home or abroad. We also can implement a Remote Desktop Connection where you can physically control the computer at the other end. Our team can create a solution tailored to your needs and requirements.

We can implement and maintain

  • Virtual Private Network VPN connection
  • Remote Desktop Connection RDC
  • Remote access to Medical Director and other medical software

Medical Software Support

Medical software and the associated databases usually get updated every month. Byte Solutions can ensure that vital updates are recieved by all computers in the medical practice and new drugs and related medicine gets through to doctors. We can also implement Dorevitch Electronic Blood results transfer enabling doctors access to results sometimes hours before they arrive by mail or fax.

Medical Solutions we offer

  • Dorevitch Electronic Blood results
  • Medical Director application support and maintenance
  • Priority on and off site support
Server and Desktops

Our technicians can configure and maintain servers to host various SQL databases for Medical Director and other medical applications. Byte Solutions can tailor build servers to your businesses needs and requirements. We can also support existing servers and ensure they’re running smoothly

Microsoft Office 365

Our team can setup Microsoft Office 365 so you can work anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Telephone and VOIP

Byte Solutions can assist in integrating telephony, Voice Over Internet Protocol VOIP, SMS messaging to streamline the user experience and heavily reduce monthly expenses. We also can implement a ‘line hunt’ feature whereby if only telephone line is busy, the next caller will roll onto another line.

Did you know we specialise in data archiving?

We can implement secure storage of old patient data in addition to old practice backups. Byte Solutions can identify efficiencies within a business and assist in streamlining user workflows.

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