Computer Migration

Let us simplify the moving process and help reduce your downtime

Mac and Windows

We are experts in Mac and Windows computers, we’ll reconnect all your devices so they’re waiting for you

Business Solutions

Are you moving offices? Let our team handle the computer relocation so you can have peace of mind everything will just work


Software Configration

We make sure that all your programs work exactly as they did on your old computer, including all their settings

Network Reinstall

Let us connect and reconfigure all your network devices and gadgets so they’re working without any troubles or annoying errors

Nothing gets left behind

Technology is complicated and documents can get left behind easily, we make sure all your precious files and settings are transfered from day one

Old to new migration

Are you looking at upgrading your home or businesses computers? At Byte Solutions, we can quickly and effectively deploy a new desktop environment. Constantly updating programs and software can significantly slow down your workstation, we can ensure a smooth transition. Do you want to upgrade to the latest Microsoft Windows or MacOS? We can take care of the transition so that everything works as it should from day one.

We make sure nothing important gets left behind

  • Your individual computer settings
  • Your software specific configurations
  • Your network settings such as VPNs and remote network shares
  • We can create deployment images for future reinstallation

New premises?

Moving your home or business can be a tedious process. Let the migration specialists at Byte Solutions take care of all your migrating your computers and networks so you can have them waiting, ready to use at your new premises. The experts will look after everything from reconnecting your computers and gadgets to reconfiguring your network and servers. We pride ourselves in our professional, reliable service. You can trust our specialists to take care of your home or business transition needs and provide quality service that works perfectly the first time.


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